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Painting Guide: Space Wolves, an alternative colour scheme

I, like most neck beards, have a big soft spot for the Space Puppies.

Whether you consider them to be space werewolves, space Vikings, or people who just really like wolves and alcohol in space, they are one of the few factions in 40K who realize they're in a fantasy genre. Yes, riding a 10-foot high wolf into battle is ridiculous, but it's awesome at the same time!

I'm not a huge fan of the light blue armour though. I think it lacks the grit that the Sons of Russ are famed for. I also think the Horus Heresey grey is boring, so I've been looking for an alternative. Whilst doing my T'au Mu'gulath Bay Avengers, I found the above!

The grey here is really dark blue, brought up to typical Space Wolf Fenrisian grey. It was also really quick to do, the whole thing taking about an hour including drying time for the basing material.

Step 1 - Base Coat

Dark Reaper is our first paint, over an undercoat of Mechanicus Standard grey. You can get away with one coat of paint…

T'au Cadre Fireblade Conversion: Base Coats

Just a quick one, as I've been surprisingly busy at home. First reports and UCAS references for university applications are the big topic of the next two weeks, for anyone interested in the goings on of the educational cycle. Point of fact this was ready for publishing last night, I just got interrupted by a boarding house crisis (involving towels).

And interrupted just now by a lesson. Very inconvenient.

This is the Fireblade with his skin done and base paints completed. He's looking very stocky compared to the other Fire Warriors, but he certainly does stand out. I need a name for him though...

I'm repaiting the orange on the Ethereals Staff. Starting with a birght red base and just layering up gets rid of the dirty brown quality.

This is just the previous step. The Thousand Sons blue is much warmer than the Macragge blue.

Also suvat kinematic equations.

Until next time!

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Cadre Fireblade Conversion: Final Construction

I think this is a very aggressive T'au commander...

As I constructed him, I kept thinking about how Imperial the model was becoming. This is not just because of the parts used on the model and the base, but the stance and the theme behind the model. I have an image in my head of a T'au Catachan officer, like Iron Hand Straken, full of gung ho attitude and bloody minded purpose.

In simple terms, I wonder if this Fireblade was more strongly influenced by the battles over Mu'gulath Bay than he'd like to admit. I wonder if, after fighting and planning against them for so long, he has turned more Imperial in his thoughts.

And I wonder if that's not actually a neat direction to take the Mu'gulath Bay Avengers in... what if they become the monsters that burned their sky? What if they adopted the disregard for casualties and unflinching devotion to capturing territory the Imperials have?

Also, anyone else notice how tall the ethereal is?

Until next time.

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Cadre Fireblade Conversion: Base

I think I went a bit overboard...

But in my defence, he needs to math the height of the Ethereal...

In other news, I'm trying to work out the best combination of weapons for the Crisis Suit. It's turning into a bit of a deep rabbit hole, but I think I'm coming close.

I also unpacked a small problem that had been bugging me for a while. Just what is the average value for rolling 2d6 and picking the highest?

Until next time!

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Cadre Fireblade Conversion: Blue Tack Mock Up

It's been a while since I've done something purely creative in the hobby. I've done quite a bit of analysis work, and some catch up painting for well cemented colour schemes, but nothing amazingly creative.

That changed when I walked past a pile of T'au bits. And saw a pair of clippers.

And just started clipping.

I really like it. It's meant to be a more robust and chunky counterpoint for my skinny Ethereal riding his hover drone. Since this is for my Mu'Gulath Bay Avengers, I like to think he took the Space Marine chest plate as a trophy.

I think the scope is a mistake though... need something else to represent the marker light.

It was fun to do something creative as a change, and only took up about 10 mins constructing. Hopefully tomorrow I'll even get to glue it together!

Until next time.

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School's League 2017: First Warhammer 40K Skirmishes

Absolutely rammed at the moment, which is why the blog is updating so sporadically. However, it does not mean nothing is happening (only that my statistics are steadily getting worse... grumble grumble). Here are a few shots of the first 40K skirmishes in the club, including a few from a quick starter match I ran for raw neophytes.

All the painted models in these pictures are from student Initiates. The only ones left base coated are mine or club models... teacher needs to catch up on his painting!

There was actually a game played with that last picture, but people forgot which models were theirs. It turned into an absolute mess, where random numbers of dice were being rolled, and unit cohesion was lost altogether. Cultists were flailing around randomly, with new cultists being brought to the field as players tried to work out what casualties should have stayed on the field.

On the upside, I think I just created a mini-game to play out the Ork Mob-rule rule.

Until next time!

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