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New Primaris Space Marine Release Analysis (And Why they're familiar)

There's not much I can add to what I've mentioned before with the new releases. They look amazing, but with the caveat I think you'll be able to pick up at the end of the post.

Here's the new releases, going on pre-order sometime next week.

Primaris Chaplain

Looks great, and does the usual Chaplain trick of re-rolling To-Hits in the combat phase. He has a Stregnth 5 AP-1 pistol, presumably to make commissars jealous. But I think he looked better when he had pointy ears:

That's a bit unfair really. Harlequins certainly don't have the monopoly on trench coats and hoods. They just have a similar aesthetic.
Primaris Apothecary
The apothecary is the same as the vanilla one you'd find in the Index, just with an extra wound. It has the same special rule, which allows you to heal allies, or even bring them back from the dead. He has a cool gun which punches holes in power armour to extract gene-seed, and they can use it on the enemy too (training video is No Count…

Brother Fett, The Bounty Hunter Space Marine

Yay! We just passed 100,000 page views! Thank you all for making that possible!

To show my gratitude, here's the promised picture of my Space Marine Primaris Reiver work in progress; Brother Fett:

Tabletop Engineer asked me about the hazard stripes on his knees. Well, hazard stripes are for dangerous surfaces and weapons. Brother Fett uses anything at his disposal...

What do you think Boba?

Er... in the mail.

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New Space Marine Aggressors Revealed!

This is a day delayed because I've tried to find some information beyond the obvious. These Aggressors, whilst really cool looking, are very much a blunt instrument... what you see is what you get, and they're about as useful as you'd expect too. But they are something unique in the Space Marine army, and fulfil a role that's not really been done well before.
This presents me with a problem, in that I can tell you what they are, but not really any nuance or analysis beyond that.

They are tougher Primaris Space Marines, wearing Gravis armour. That's not-quite-terminator grade, and even a step below hopping on a bike, as you only get the extra wound and +1 Toughness without the bikes speed boost.

This is actually a minor problem with the Captain in Dark Imperium. I was trying to work out when it would be better to use his Gauntlet or Master Crafted power sword, and just kept coming up with Gauntlet for all situations. The maths for most situations is similar, and th…

BREAKING NEWS: New Space Marine Reivers Revealed!

I was on the fence about Primaris Space Marines. I felt the Intercessors looked good, but somewhat dull. I thought the Inceptors looked like flying nuns with wimples flying out the back.

Reivers... I think I could happily build an army around these guys. Or maybe even an entire army out of them

I'm actually going to hold fire on a full rules analysis. Judging from the new equipment reveals, I think these are going to be one of the best units in the Space Marine arsenal. I want to give them a proper going over... with maths!

What we have revealed today:

Grav Chutes
Having pinched an idea from the Grey Knights, the above Reiver has added some bits to his power pack which allow him to fly... ish. We don't know what these do beyond giving new deployment options, but it's hardly a stretch to assume this is some kind of deep strike wargear.

Grappling Hooks Hard to say what these will do, but they'll either allow the Reivers to ignore terrain, or they'll do the cool Khar…

BREAKING NEWS: Codex Space Marine up for Pre-order! All versions reviewed!

Codex Space Marine goes live today for pre-orders, along with a slew of other releases... I'm going to be quite busy this evening I think. Lets get started!

 As you can see, we're blessed with 6 ways to get this.

Digital Editions
Being an old neckbeard, I prefer having paper to flick through and for my son to tear when I'm not looking. However, being a teacher, I can't stress how useful these digital books are for quick checking of rules and keeping the classroom tidy.

eBook Edtion: No frills, just the book in digital form. At £24.99 it's cheaper than the paper copy, but if you're going the digital route, you really want the next one down.Enhanced Edition: Sadly still only for Mac users and the iBooks platform, this has a lot more functionality. Whilst some are a bit superfluous, the pop-up information boxes are really great for keeping the pace of a game going, as you don't need to keep flicking back and forth between rules. At £29.99, this is what you wan…