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Beginner Grey Knight 500 point Army List: The Lightning Hammer

Ironically does not use hammers.

We had our first session for the Warhammer club at school two days ago, and preparations have begun in earnest for the School League tournament. I have some Student Initiates now, older players from last academic year who have significantly upped their game and model count.

They've even painted them!

I've been feverishly build crafting for them, trying to sort out some outrageously cheesy lists to fit inside a 650 point School League limit, and I'm getting quite a bit of success. They often turn into one trick ponies, but the one trick usually has flexible enough application so they don't meet a hard counter.

One of our newest neophytes is getting into the hobby for the first time, and has chosen to go with Grey Knights. He really likes the idea of paladins in space, but what really caught his eye was this:

It's not hard to see why... despite the flak it gets for looking like a Space Marine sized baby carrier, it's hard to igno…

Set backs and delay

Well. I want to swear.

One of the things I hold myself to on this blog is trying not to curse, swear, engage in off-colour language, or otherwise write anything that may get blocked on school firewalls. I sometimes fail in that, but only accidentally.

Today, I find myself wanting to break it intentionally. My plans for this term have been derailed quite drastically.

My planed Dungeons and Dragons group has been largely scuppered due to a new revamped sports program taking out whole year groups at a time. Similarly the 6th formers who I were counting on (students in their last years for the non-UK), have been excluded from the one activity slot which suits all other year groups.

Right now, I have one student lined up who can actually make the planned session slot. Dungeons and Dragons can be fun with a solo player, but it's exhausting for both DM and player. And frankly, spending an hour or two one-on-one with a student talking about elves is a little too far into the weird, even…

Quick Tip: Using Your Captain in Gravis Armour

Just a quick one, as I've been swamped at school. I've been effectively at work for the past 2 days straight, and have only just had a relatively quiet afternoon to get any of my teaching work done!

I spent some time looking at this guy:

In all honesty I wasn't hugely impressed on first sight. He looks rather portly, and after someone pointed out the bone between his legs I just couldn't take him very seriously.

He's grown on me though, as he does look fairly chunky and robust. The big cape and fist are actually quite intimidating, and he does look fairly agile for such a big thumper. But then his rules... oh his rules!

The standard captain bubble is nearly pivotal to how Space Marines run these days, with plasma weapons cropping up in nearly every unit. It's not overtly stated, but this chap does have the extra attack and wound associated with Primaris Space Marines, and that little bit of fluff may be important to some looking to build 'pure' armies.

Space Marine Unit Spotlight: A Hellblaster Review

The incredible truth about Hellblasters is actually the lack of nuance. Unlike the other Primaris options in the Space Marine Codex the Hellblasters have a very clearly defined role, and weapon choice really comes down to just picking the most efficient one.

Their absolute saving grace is the mere idea of an all plasma unit, where a handful of Marines are out spraying the battlefield with small pockets of star fury. But apart from the cool factor, the tactics are all what you'd expect to see. But lets dive in a see if we can get the best out of these insane burninators.

Burninating is a word.

As a caveat here, this is simply advice. The first and most important rule is "Have Fun", and the second is "Play Your Dudes(TM)". This is just to give you a heads up on any challenges you may face, or tricks you can pull with the units you want. The third most important rule is "Most People on The Internet Are Wrong, Especially Bloggers". If you think somethin…

Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers Gallery

It's been a very full on week, but we're finally through to Sunday. I know today is Saturday, but for me the next day starts when the last boarders door closes... baring any late night bed flipping.

By the way, if you are a boarding student, don't flip your friend's bed. It's a pain, and we already know you've done it before you've even walked into the room to do it.

In between shifts at the house at teaching lessons, I finally managed to finish off my Three Musketeers:

They've all been converted to ride Discs of Tzeetnch. The only problem is, is that they're no longer the psychic power houses they were in 7th Edition. I'll need to try them out as a small force, but I don't think they'll do enough damage to make them viable.

But they were always like that. Aramis, Athos, Porthos and D'Artagnan  have always been about taking on ridiculous odds and coming out on top!

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.

If you liked what you saw, and yo…

Can you be Alpharius? How would you start in Alpha Legion?

I received a comment on a now defunct 7th Edition Chaos Space Marine Starter list, asking what I'd do if I were to go nuts with creating a Chaos Space Marine starter army. This means no restrictions on using Starter kits, and just picking what I thought would be the most broken combinations.

Here's the full comment from reader Grimtoof:

Hello, I was looking for a 500 point escalation league list and came across your amazing post!
So, two questions for you:
1. I'm not not limited to the box set or models owned (I own a bunch of stuff from playing in past editions).
What other brutal 500 point list would you conceive without any limitations?
2. I'm also starting a escalation league this Friday and was wondering what other increasing point value lists would look like? (500 to 1500 points).
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and more Alpha legion posts! Thanks for commenting! The questions you raise uncovered a very big gap in my knowledge, and a considerable proble…